Restoring The Sims Online!

Welcome Back to TSO, Soon!

The game this blog was originally based upon: The Sims Online (TSO) which sadly shut down in August 2008, is being revived by a wonderful group of dedicated programmers from the forever loyal TSO fanbase.

Thus far, it has more than 4,700 members and have witnessed massive support and praise. However, in order to speed up the programming process and bring it back in a record time to the consistently supportive fans and members (to both PC & Mac for free!), the project is seeking more members/supporters, recognition, promotion, and most importantly programmers.

Therefore, we kindly ask you to visit the website, register and be active on the forums, apply for positions if you are qualified and willing to participate in this massive yet exciting project, and PLEASE spread the word. Also, there is a facebook fan page that you could ‘like’ in order to keep track of (almost) day-to-day updates.

Project website (TSO Restoration):
TSO Wiki:
Facebook fan page:

Here’s to the day we can all actually meet and hangout in our beloved game!
Go on and spread the word 🙂

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