Online store & lack of objects?

With the Sims 3 been released for 3 days now, one of the recent and most talked-about flaws of the game is the lack of sufficient objects and the need to pay for more objects on Sims 3’s online store.

Well, taking into consideration that this is just the BASE game, we are very much aware with a huge amount of certainty that we will be seeing more expansion & stuff packs to be released along the way in the future. These would definitely bring a range of new objects. It could be that we were all used to the huge range of objects available from The Sims 2 expansion & stuff packs, custom content and other downloadable mods.

I believe that having a limited number of objects is certainly a huge motivator to come up with our own custom content. It is clearly one of the objectives of EA that they want to see the huge increase in the community’s creative designs and works – its simply what makes the game more interesting and unique.

Moreover, the in-game object modifier or editor (colors…) helps create an lesser need for more objects. I personally would love to try all objects and apply whatever new feature available to them, if applicable. This would surely give me more gameplay time and certainly a more pleasurable experience.

One more point to consider is the free ‘points’ available for everyone who purchase The Sims 3, this provides a $10 worth of objects. You are not really forced to utilize this offer or purchase more points in the future, however it surely give a new scope of objects to try & use. Not to forget the endless custom content, mods and fansites that will provide free objects  to enhance your experience.

It might seem like a small setback at the moment, however the scope  and potential of this game would certainly help it succeed & ever improve the gameplay.
Enjoy playing The Sims 3. Happy simming =)


EA speaks out about Sims 3 delay!

According to a Gamespot article, The Sims 3 have been delayed in order to undergo a much better marketing campaign for the game, since, according to EA, the launch of The Sims 3 seems to be one of the most important in the upcoming fiscal year and the company’s history.

From the article…

In the case of The Sims 3, Riccitiello said, “We see this as being one of the most important launches in our company’s history, and certainly in the upcoming fiscal year.” He added that the delay was called in the interest of investing more time and effort to make the marketing campaign for the game more innovative.

–  Sims 3 for Mac! It has also been announced that The Sims 3 will be released for Mac on the same day as the PC!

–  Different release dates for different countries!
The Sims 3 won’t be released worldwide on June 2nd. That date is only for America and Canada. Europe and other countries get it a few days later:
June 4th: Netherlands, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Australia.
June 5th: Uk, Italy, Brazil, Poland, Russia, Czech.

Tons of new Sims 3 info!

The Sims 3 Creator’s camp already started and tons of new exciting and overwhelming information about the upcoming infamous game; The Sims 3.

Here’s a few of the most exciting new features and information in the game..

– You can change the lifespan. Here are the different settings:
*Short (25 sims days)
*Normal (95 sims days)
*Long (200 sims days)
*Epic (1000 sims days).

– Accessories (gloves, socks, eyeglasses, bracelets, earrings, shoes…) can be customized with Create a Style tool.

– You can drag walls to enlarge rooms. When you do it, all the objects attached to them move with the wall itself.

Jobs: you are paid per hour. When you get the job, you automatically get your boss in your relationship tab. If you interact with him, you can ask to increase your salary per hour or to get promoted. When you go to work, you can choose from a list what you will do that day. You can work hard (then your Sim will come back a bit tired), meet workmates (to know new people), talk with workmates (to increase relationship level… it’s so easy in this way), do something special to impress your boss, sleep at your desk…

– Shop for groceries: a window will show up with all the ingredients you can buy. You can also buy ingredients per recipe. So, if you want to cook something special, you just have to choose the recipe: all the required ingredients will be added to your cart.

– We don’t have a new race, but there are ghosts and you can have babies with them.

– Baby’s Furniture: highchair, potty, xylophone, crib (like the one we had in The Sims 2), canopy crib, 3 toy boxes (they can also play inside them), Toy oven, Building blocks table and few other things. The changing table is no more there. You have to click on the toddler to change diaper or clothes. If you have the highchair, you can feed toddlers with the same food you prepare for the other family members, but you have to use the food processor before.

Parties: to give a party, you should use the phone. Then a window will pops up and you’ll have to choose the starting time, the dress code (formal, casual, swimwear) and the guests. I’ve been able to invite 8 people.

– You can become a partner of a business lot and share the profits. If you have enough money, you can own the entire lot. The owner can rename the place, fire people and collect money.

– Teenagers can get partime jobs by clicking on the business lots. They cannot join the normal careers. Elders and adults can get partime jobs too.

School time: 9am-2pm for teens and 9am-3pm for children. Sims who have not completed their homeworks can stay school longer. Students performance is influenced by mood and homeworks. Students that sleep in class or cheat homeworks will receive detention and have to stay a school.

– At the stadium you can see concerts and games.

– To have a playable ghost, you should resurrect a died sim. If you decide to have a baby with a ghost, he will be a ghost baby.

Pregnancy. Pregnant Sims get few days of paid rest from work and fathers will get few days aftern the baby is born. When a Sim is pregnant you can read pregnancy books and you should fulfill her wishes because Sims that were happy during pregnancy have babies with better traits. Pregnant Sims experience nausea and backaches, shown as negative moodlets too. At the beginning the belly is very little, it grows up every day. I clicked on the hospital and my Sim had “Get medical advice”. She entered in the hospital and then she came out after a while. I didn’t had this option with Sims that were not pregnant, so this is probably a pregnancy interaction. You can announce pregnancy to others, feel tummy and talk to tummy. When contractions starts, you can have the baby at home or at the hospital. The father can take the mother to the hospital, but she can go there alone too. They go there walking, by car or bicyle. No ambulance. When the baby is born, the mother exits the hospital with the baby and goes home. You cannot see what happens inside the hospital. Parents get few days off when they adopt a baby too, so they can take care of him.

The game is scheduled for a release on the 20th of February (next month!) 😀
Find more information here: , Snooty Sims