Online store & lack of objects?

With the Sims 3 been released for 3 days now, one of the recent and most talked-about flaws of the game is the lack of sufficient objects and the need to pay for more objects on Sims 3’s online store.

Well, taking into consideration that this is just the BASE game, we are very much aware with a huge amount of certainty that we will be seeing more expansion & stuff packs to be released along the way in the future. These would definitely bring a range of new objects. It could be that we were all used to the huge range of objects available from The Sims 2 expansion & stuff packs, custom content and other downloadable mods.

I believe that having a limited number of objects is certainly a huge motivator to come up with our own custom content. It is clearly one of the objectives of EA that they want to see the huge increase in the community’s creative designs and works – its simply what makes the game more interesting and unique.

Moreover, the in-game object modifier or editor (colors…) helps create an lesser need for more objects. I personally would love to try all objects and apply whatever new feature available to them, if applicable. This would surely give me more gameplay time and certainly a more pleasurable experience.

One more point to consider is the free ‘points’ available for everyone who purchase The Sims 3, this provides a $10 worth of objects. You are not really forced to utilize this offer or purchase more points in the future, however it surely give a new scope of objects to try & use. Not to forget the endless custom content, mods and fansites that will provide free objects  to enhance your experience.

It might seem like a small setback at the moment, however the scope  and potential of this game would certainly help it succeed & ever improve the gameplay.
Enjoy playing The Sims 3. Happy simming =)