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We would like to further develop and improve SimWorld News. Therefore, we are thinking of publishing a website, along with this blog.

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A scam! beware!

This has been copied from

This evening in EA Land a sim by the name of “E-A Employee” was messaging players within game trying to get them to give in game cash/objects.

Upon seeing this post in City Hall I messaged Maxis Lee and informed him of this player. Maxis Lee went in game and took care of this imposter.

Maxis Lee would like me to reiterate that an EA Employee will NEVER ask for a password or money. At times, Lee or Parizad may exchange items but they are known as MaxisLee and MaxisParizad.

Please safeguard yourself and never be afraid to ask questions! Before you decide to scam be sure that Maxis will run cross checks on your accounts and take all appropriate actions.

    beware people … plus, developers usually have the word “Maxis” at the beginning.

    Comic Sans gets all the fuss!

    The font used in the official EA-Land website (Comic Sans) gets all the fuss from various sites on their reviews and articles.

    We bring you some of the quotes from these various reviews:

    Needs less Comic Sans.

    You can read about all the new changes (in Comic Sans!) at the official site or read further for official word from the dev team.

    Well, it sure do needs less of Comic Sans and a little more professional design that would tell the customers that it doesn’t only target the teen market.