New Features!


Its been some time since I updated SimWorld News and the news section. I sincerely apologize to the lack of updates, but I have moved out of my country and started university, it was a hectic time to get everything ready and sorted.

Anyways, we got ourselves a fresh new theme, which i believe will give you a nicer, slicker and quicker access to all the news and the archives. We also added the “search” feature on the right. Most importantly, we added an Email Subscription service, where you will be notified of any new posts, there please enter the information required and you will be receiving notifications. Please be reminded that these email addresses are NOT collected by myself, but by WordPress itself, thus no worries about those being shared or distributed to any third parties… so, no spam 🙂

Moreover, we added a new poll … please make sure to vote =)

Most importantly, reminding everyone that we are on twitter! So, you can always freely follow us by clicking the link on the right (in the sidebar).

Thank you!
SimWorld News =)


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