EA speaks out about Sims 3 delay!

According to a Gamespot article, The Sims 3 have been delayed in order to undergo a much better marketing campaign for the game, since, according to EA, the launch of The Sims 3 seems to be one of the most important in the upcoming fiscal year and the company’s history.

From the article…

In the case of The Sims 3, Riccitiello said, “We see this as being one of the most important launches in our company’s history, and certainly in the upcoming fiscal year.” He added that the delay was called in the interest of investing more time and effort to make the marketing campaign for the game more innovative.

–  Sims 3 for Mac! It has also been announced that The Sims 3 will be released for Mac on the same day as the PC!

–  Different release dates for different countries!
The Sims 3 won’t be released worldwide on June 2nd. That date is only for America and Canada. Europe and other countries get it a few days later:
June 4th: Netherlands, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Australia.
June 5th: Uk, Italy, Brazil, Poland, Russia, Czech.


12 thoughts on “EA speaks out about Sims 3 delay!

  1. god damn i wait now from september to play that game and i’m very dissapointed that the release is canceled and placed on a other date


  2. I am so sad 😦 dam it all to hell. I deleted all of my sims 2 games from my computer so that I could have space for the new one. I hate my life

  3. i know it is kinda bad, i did what jenna did, i am soo annoyed. But if it is made better then that must be good. I hope that it is going to be worth the wait.. :S

  4. When I found out that they were going to make a Sims 3 I couln’t wait until Feburuary but now they change the date back 4 months! I hope that it will be worth the wait.

  5. As annoying as it is that the date has been delayed, if it makes a better game then I guess its a good thing, because I for one would rather play a good game then a shitty one. I just hope they do release it in June and don’t keep pushing it back. 51 days, and counting :)!

    • They didn’t postpone the release the game to make it better, but because they wanted to improve their marketing campaign in order to sell it to more people.
      Basically, they were hoping to make more money. I for one won’t tolerate this behavior.

  6. In the time that I have been waiting for the Sims 3 to come out, I’ve bought myself a different game and will not be purchasing the Sims 3.
    Next time, keep to your deadline!

  7. While waiting for the Sims 3 to come out I bought a different game. I will no longer be purchasing the Sims 3.
    Next time, stick to your deadline.

  8. Your comments are not deleted. They are sent for review before getting approved, just like everyone else. I believe needing more time to market a potentially best-seller game, and one of the most important release for EA is justifiable. I actually support this decision, since I would like to see this long-awaited game get the attention it needs after all this hard work put into it. There’s no problem or mistake with trying to earn more rewards for their years of efforts invested in the game.

    Better marketing, more audience, more profits, leading to the game’s continuity and constant improvements 🙂

  9. Is it really true that the sims 3 will be released june 5th in Russia? Hooray!! Cause on http://www.thesims3.ru it says june 10th…I know it’s only 5 less days, but that’s a long time when you’ve waited since last fall!

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