Tons of new Sims 3 info!

The Sims 3 Creator’s camp already started and tons of new exciting and overwhelming information about the upcoming infamous game; The Sims 3.

Here’s a few of the most exciting new features and information in the game..

– You can change the lifespan. Here are the different settings:
*Short (25 sims days)
*Normal (95 sims days)
*Long (200 sims days)
*Epic (1000 sims days).

– Accessories (gloves, socks, eyeglasses, bracelets, earrings, shoes…) can be customized with Create a Style tool.

– You can drag walls to enlarge rooms. When you do it, all the objects attached to them move with the wall itself.

Jobs: you are paid per hour. When you get the job, you automatically get your boss in your relationship tab. If you interact with him, you can ask to increase your salary per hour or to get promoted. When you go to work, you can choose from a list what you will do that day. You can work hard (then your Sim will come back a bit tired), meet workmates (to know new people), talk with workmates (to increase relationship level… it’s so easy in this way), do something special to impress your boss, sleep at your desk…

– Shop for groceries: a window will show up with all the ingredients you can buy. You can also buy ingredients per recipe. So, if you want to cook something special, you just have to choose the recipe: all the required ingredients will be added to your cart.

– We don’t have a new race, but there are ghosts and you can have babies with them.

– Baby’s Furniture: highchair, potty, xylophone, crib (like the one we had in The Sims 2), canopy crib, 3 toy boxes (they can also play inside them), Toy oven, Building blocks table and few other things. The changing table is no more there. You have to click on the toddler to change diaper or clothes. If you have the highchair, you can feed toddlers with the same food you prepare for the other family members, but you have to use the food processor before.

Parties: to give a party, you should use the phone. Then a window will pops up and you’ll have to choose the starting time, the dress code (formal, casual, swimwear) and the guests. I’ve been able to invite 8 people.

– You can become a partner of a business lot and share the profits. If you have enough money, you can own the entire lot. The owner can rename the place, fire people and collect money.

– Teenagers can get partime jobs by clicking on the business lots. They cannot join the normal careers. Elders and adults can get partime jobs too.

School time: 9am-2pm for teens and 9am-3pm for children. Sims who have not completed their homeworks can stay school longer. Students performance is influenced by mood and homeworks. Students that sleep in class or cheat homeworks will receive detention and have to stay a school.

– At the stadium you can see concerts and games.

– To have a playable ghost, you should resurrect a died sim. If you decide to have a baby with a ghost, he will be a ghost baby.

Pregnancy. Pregnant Sims get few days of paid rest from work and fathers will get few days aftern the baby is born. When a Sim is pregnant you can read pregnancy books and you should fulfill her wishes because Sims that were happy during pregnancy have babies with better traits. Pregnant Sims experience nausea and backaches, shown as negative moodlets too. At the beginning the belly is very little, it grows up every day. I clicked on the hospital and my Sim had “Get medical advice”. She entered in the hospital and then she came out after a while. I didn’t had this option with Sims that were not pregnant, so this is probably a pregnancy interaction. You can announce pregnancy to others, feel tummy and talk to tummy. When contractions starts, you can have the baby at home or at the hospital. The father can take the mother to the hospital, but she can go there alone too. They go there walking, by car or bicyle. No ambulance. When the baby is born, the mother exits the hospital with the baby and goes home. You cannot see what happens inside the hospital. Parents get few days off when they adopt a baby too, so they can take care of him.

The game is scheduled for a release on the 20th of February (next month!) 😀
Find more information here: , Snooty Sims


13 thoughts on “Tons of new Sims 3 info!

  1. Looking Good cant wait 2 play it! i haved all the sims2 and now Reali cant wait for the sims3. Its a great and fantastic ideas. Just one question everyone is wondering

    Can there be teen Birth? x Thnks

    Realy can t wait to Play x

  2. this could be should be and will be the most best game ever brll info its made me excited and can u get pregnant when ur a teen

  3. sims 3 sounds awesome and i cant wait to buy it!!!
    i have mostly all of sims 2 and after reading this, i definitely cant wait!!!

    and for any of u who are wondering, im addicted to the sims games because they’re so awesome!!! anyway thanx for the info, it really helped^^

  4. Yess, can’t wait. PS: to everyone w/ this question only young adults and adults can has babies!! hope that helped!!!!!!!!

  5. This is great info thanks so much this will help so much when i get the game! I can’t wait till June 2nd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A yiyiyiyiyiy! osn!

  6. i’ve got The Sims 3! yay!
    but i would like to know somehthing.
    can teenage sims have “woohoo” & have babies???
    if u find out plz tell me (write comment or sumin’)
    but thx 4 wat u hav written!
    i didn’t know u could have a ghost baby!


    Fat Louie xxx


    Hello, I’m a big fan of the Sims 3 but i think they could put a bit more in to make it even better like i have some ideas listed below for the Sims 3. I ask you to please read this because it’s some ideas to make the game better an you can post your ideas as well then we could send them to the bosses of the sims 3 and just hope they use them. = ]

    1.You know how people are fatter or have longer or shorter body parts in different places like you could be skinny with short/long fat or thin legs well I think you should be able to do that on the Sims like at the beginning when your making a sim on the bit where you make them fat or thin underneath there should be body parts like:





    then you should be able to drag a little thing along to make them fat or thin or long or small. I think you should also be able to change there height

    2. You know how you only get so many hair styles and if you get one you like it might be short and if you have the style you like you should be able to make it longer by dragging something along

    3. I think you should be able to travel and if you go on a boat or plane it shouldn’t just load you where ever your going it should let you inside and you could be sitting on a plane and if you rich 1st class and you could have people ordering food walking up and down the plane and people (Sims) worrying same if you were on a boat and if you were going to England or something you should be allowed to go on stuff like on the London eye or if you went to Alton towers you should be allowed to go on the rollercoaster’s

    4. When the kids go to school or when the parents go to work you should get a choice to go with them so you could be the kid and you could have them being naughty in the class like they could be shouting at the teacher or could have a straw and you know when you lick the paper and spit out through the straw well they could be doing that or you could make them a bully taking peoples dinner money or sticking chewing gum in peoples hair or you could have cool kid or something and you could go to dinner with them and choose what they have or if your sending someone to work they could be stealing stuff or if they are criminals they could be going out to peoples houses and so on

    5. I think there personalities should be deeper like when you make them they could have had a troubled past like bad childhood or they could be sly and sneaky but nice on top and doesn’t like people who can see through them they could have a drink problem and stuff like that just a bit more to them and if anything important happens or if anyone says something important it should tell you in English like on life stories

    By the way if you like my ideas tell me i don’t care if you think there stupid because your allowed a opinion but i will need help to carry the ideas on because i’m 13 and i’m not using that as a excuse i’m just saying if you know what i mean

    • Hello Katy! You have really nice ideas there! However, I believe it will be very difficult for your views to reach EA via this website. Therefore, I would recommend you posting your ideas again on TheSims3 community forums.

      All the best,
      SimWorld News! 🙂

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