Tirnua .. moving forward!

It is unbelievable how much Tirnua moved forward and was able to go into a great improvement in a very short period of time. The amazing developers were able to develop a new interface, world or map and interactions with the objects.


The updates, in a summary…

– Over 200 new objects introduced.

– More than 5 new stores, including the Aqua  Collection Store, The Fuego Store and the Flora Store.

– New game pieces that could be used to play tic-tac-toe, go, checkers, connect-4, etc…

– Free lots for everyone. It has also been newly added that you will be able to edit your lot and add objects.

– Improved layout.

– Secure trading and expanded founder lots.

– Added a new world/Tirnua map, it will be further developed and improved.

– Added new personas, clothes, shoes and more. You also have an option of being a monkey, rather than a male or female.

– You can now connect to Tirnua through your facebook account.

– New dice added.

Keep track of more news here on SimWorld News.
We will be giving a detailed update of the Sims 3 very soon.



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