5,000 Hits!

imagesWe are extremely happy to announce that this blog have now reached over 5000 hits! This blog started as a small source for The Sims Online news. However, now, in less than a year, we are becoming more popular with receiving more than 20-50 new visitors daily. Lately, we are starting to provide The Sims 2, The Sims 3 and Tirnua news since The Sims Online has closed its doors on the 1st of August.

To this matter, we have opened a new forum, unrelated to SimWorld News, which is a re-union and memorial forum for TSO / EA-Land. Click here to check it.

I hope that this success, without any major advertisements, will continue with everyone’s continuous support and contribution. Please remember that commenting on any of the articles here DONT require any registration.
Finally, please keep an eye on the new ‘Polls’ section, found on the right of this blog, as new polls would be added frequently in order to help us provide you better services in the future. 🙂

Look forward for more improvement in the future.

SimWorld News 🙂


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