Sims 3 and Tirnua Summary

The Sims 3_1218832912750
Sims 3

New Sims 3 Site Update

The Sims 3 has finally been updated with 2 new screenshots and some more information. Not much new information has been provided.
* The new Sims 3 site includes:

About the Sims 3: information about the game.

Cool Stuff: Wallpapers and more

Community: Blog, Chats and Events

What is the sims: Information about The Sims 2 and Sims in-general.

VIP Area: Which includes new and exclusive information.

The Sims 3 site will be updated monthly.


Tirnua also received new updates to its blog where many internal maintenance and improvement occurred.
IE6 uses SSL2 but the team were using SSL3 and tested with the lastest versions of the common browsers only. Laurent modified things so that IE6 users should not have trouble anymore.


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