CC Statue Awards Ceremony!


This marvelous new idea initiated by a fellow simmer has got the attention of many and not to forget Parizad, who donated 3 simmies (one of each color) and 2 garden gnomes as prizes.

Please make sure to read the following, from a stratics post …:

Taking back the game….no more waiting on the Devs to bring back the lava game…we have all the means right here to make our own fun!
CC Statue Awards Ceremony!!!!
I have a size 8 lot I can empty completely to hold this, I will be the one holding the prize cash and awarding it. (to those who are thinking “scammer!”…understand I am Avyi here,and in the game, I do NOT intend on scamming one person…I will simply be the trustee of the funds until they are dispersed properly, plus I’m posting this on a public forum, I am not asking for any payment to do this, and will not take any, I am close to quitting this game, and have found a way to stay in it)
I intend to MC the first CC Statue Awards Ceremony, what I need is participation inside and outside of the game. I need help in the following:
Website and Web designer that can provide for the following:
• Voting poll
• Screen shots by the “photographers”
• Forum
• For taking screen shots of the participants with their CC’s
• For taking screen shots of the winners
Judges (would LOVE to see such players as Thrill and BlackShadow as a Judge)
• 6 of them I think is adequate (input welcomed)
• Nominated via forum
• Voted on via poll
• Not able to participate with ANY CC they have uploaded by ANY SIM under their control, period.
There will be Categories (needing input on this as well, so far came up with some basics) Each Category will have it’s own Award Ceremony
1. Most Original (two events: intermediate and advanced)
2. Most Scary (two events: intermediate and advanced)
3. Sports (two events: intermediate and advanced)
4. Animal (two events: intermediate and advanced)
5. Cartoon (two events: intermediate and advanced)
6. Widely known product (two events: intermediate and advanced)
• 15 per category
• Entry Fee $500 in currency (forgive the dollar symbol)
1. Sim/Avatar gives CC of their choice and pays entry fee to CCAwardsAvyi
2. MUST have 15 participants of that category before moving forward, first to sign up, first to be added.
3. All 15 participants of that category will have screen shots added to the website
4. All 15 participants of that category be voted on via poll
5. After the voting : the 10 highest will be voted on again via poll (the screenshots of those who have been voted out will be moved to an archived area)
6. The highest 5 from the previous vote will be voted on via the Judges
• Cash (forgive the dollar symbol)
1st $3,000.00
2nd $2,000.00
3rd $1,000.00
4th $900.00
5th $600.00
for the Ceremony itself:
the results will be posted via website
date/time set for Ceremony
and winners will be let in early via admit list
doors open
Ceremony begins
I believe keeping it to only statues will be plenty to keep us busy to begin with….maybe chairs/tables/etc. will come later if this really takes off
So, whatcha say fellow Simians??? (pun intended…hehe)

Don’t forget to participate, spread the word and check the website!


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