Lack of communication?

Loads and loads of new threads are being posted in the city hall of stratics forums regarding the lack of communication lately from the developers. Many people are worrying that the game is coming to an end or the developers no longer exist, which are nothing but rumors.

We highly doubt that the developers, after putting all this time and effort onto the game will finally close it. Why work in the first place? They are still providing updates … lately, they have implemented the anti-bot measures and the custom appearances. Plus, they have many plans for the future, such as improved custom content, owning more than one lot, new objects, scripting, etc…

The last post made on their blog was on the 16th of April, which is not long ago, so they still exist.
Another reasons why they might not be posting on the blog or stratics is taking a little vacation or break, or celebrating along with other EA employees the celebrations of 100 million copies sold of The Sims franchise.

Finally, there is a slight chance that the developers have chosen to communicate less information to us, due to many users just being negative, or they received some instructions from higher management. Not to forget that there might be unfinished updates to report, in the first place. It is better for them to work than reading the forum and posting.

There are tons of different reasons which we are unaware of, but that does not mean that they dont exist anymore or the game is shutting down. We will have to wait and see… during this time, enjoy playing the game 🙂


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