Currency Voting!

currencycards Out of the 770 nominations, the developers chose the following top 5 names:

  • – MetaBucks
  • – EABucks
  • – EADollars
  • – eBucks
  • – FunBucks

The voting procedure is going to take place in-game where all subscribers would receive currency cards (as shown left) in their inventories. Subscribers would delete the cards of the names that they don’t like or want, leaving the card(s) that they like and would like to vote for. This means that you are able to vote for more than one name and of course voting to none by deleting them all. Reminding that the card(s) left undeleted are going to be counted as votes. The winner of the new currency name will be the one that you guys liked and did not delete!

Make sure to vote before Monday March 31st at 3:30. You will find these cards in the inventory of the oldest avatar on the account.

Good luck to everyone and don’t forget to vote since this name would be mentioned everywhere (e.g website) and would become the new official name.


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