Exploit found

EA Land has been down for a quite long time and will stay for more since an exploit was found and the developers are currently trying to fix it. Far as we know, the exploit has been caused by a bug, which, after a specific procedure, grants you simoleans (or whatever their name will be). This has caused much money to enter the economy and be spent.

Previously – in the pub, parizad mentioned as the topic of exploits was discussed, that they had a special system  in place that would sound off a warning and immediately shut down the game if there was a sudden influx of simoleans. It is unclear why the city did not shut down this time … “The sound off happened. We all got a lovely e-mail when we were all asleep. However, the city did not shut down. I don’t have an answer as to why. We can’t begin to look at that until we’ve put out the current fire.

Right now, our #1 issue is to get you guys back in EA-Land.” Parizad said. 

They are currently working on getting us back into EA Land. Meanwhile, join the city hall party thread here. Make sure to keep checking the sims stratics site and the developer’s blog.


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