The Amnesty Program

An email has been sent to all the former Sims Online subscribers informing them that if they return before the end of the month (Feb.) they are to receive all the gifts and skill locks according to their account’s age and not sim age, this shall happen as the Amnesty Program is likely to start running at the end of the month.

Some might believe that this email has been sent too early since the game has many bugs and is still in the early stages of development, keeping returning people discouraged about staying, however, it is known (as you login also) that EA Land is in Beta period, making people more excited to try it out and be part of the testing period. Let’s hope that this would bring a bunch of former players back to the game, making it more busy, more fun and of course having a better “testing” πŸ™‚

The email is found on the homepage of the EA-Land website , however we copied it for you…:

Dear Former Member of The Sims Online

I would like to introduce you to EA-Land, an online world that is free-to-play, and based on a re-engineered The Sims Online architecture. Yes, FREE.

(To see an HTML version of the information in this letter please go to

We have played The Sims Online together, my avatar is MaxisLuc (yes, I work for Maxis/EA.) I wanted you to know that at the beginning of last year, I assembled a team to improve The Sims Online. After months of ongoing hard work, we can proudly say that we have been successful and we have made this game fun again! I am writing to you because I would like to invite you to rejoin us in the game. You can come back for free right now by REACTIVATING your old account at this page and then by downloading the game from the same link. Most likely, your Sim is no more, but if you come back to the game this month, you will get your earned privileges back (gifts, skill locks etc. in EA-Land) when we run our amnesty program at the end of the month. Today you can play for free in our test city called ‘Test-Center 3’, in a few days you will be able to also play for Free in the ‘EA-Land’ city.

EA-Land will host all of The Sims Online cities.

The Sims Online was made of 12 different cities (AlphaVille, Blazing Falls, etc..) and we are moving all of those cities inside EA-Land (this is called ‘the merge’ by the users!). We have a huge new map: it is 100 times bigger than the previous size of any city. We had to add a whole new zoom level to let users see it. The internet is faster now, so we have been able to let each house have more simultaneous visitors. A lot of new users are constantly joining us and we expect more. As you have played TSO before, I think that you ought to own your lot in this new land, and I want you to have the ability to grab the best location before we open the gates. As an EA-Land subscriber, you will be able to have several Sims in the same ‘city’ unlike in TSO where you were limited to one Sim per city.

RE-designed with Smart Users

We have a blog ( ) where we explain all the things we are working on and the events we are running in the game. We also have a very active wiki web site ( ) managed by the community where you can work with others to design the game. We have already implemented many features designed by the users! The stratics forum community continues to be very active. We have made some big changes to the game, and many more are coming over the next few months. It is difficult to say which of the recent changes are the most important as users have different reasons to play the game, but let me tell you about the changes that I particularly like:

Custom Content

Users now have the ability to upload custom content. Like in the original Sims game, the goal is to let you customize the game completely, but in EA-Land you can see and buy the customizations of the other players! Players have already uploaded several thousands pieces of custom content. I suspect that by some time this year, all of the content of the game will have been replaced many times over by custom content. We started with the ability to upload bitmaps (easiest for the new creative users), then moved on to chairs and sculptures. You can now make your own portraits in the game and “skin” objects like in Sims2 by using your own images. Because we are approving all of the content, this user content is safe to be viewed by everyone! We are working with the main user web sites that have been providing custom content to the Sims users for years (e.g. to make sure that their content will be made available in the game.

New Economy

We heard from the community that the economy was broken in TSO. That was true, too many users were billionaires, and the goal of the game was mostly about extracting money from Maxis. I can now say with satisfaction that we have fixed the economy on EA-Land. This took many features, from establishing a real estate market, where users can easily buy or sell lots to one another, and a dynamic object pricing market where the prices of objects purchased from Maxis is based on supply and demand, enabling stores and entrepreneurs to earn a living. We also enabled users to buy simoleans directly from Maxis. While there is no need for users to do so in the game (we give subscribers simoleans every week), it can help new users build their dream house faster with a simple paypal transaction secured by us.

Web Services and Social Networks

The internet has changed so much since the launch of The Sims Online in December 2002, we had to change the way we think about online games. We have opened the access to most of the in game information to the internet through web services. For example this enables you to add Google or Yahoo widgets to your computer (or iPhone! ) and see if your favorite lots or friends are online. We are providing you with privacy settings so you can decide if or which of your avatars will broadcast what information to the internet. Sims User web sites are already using this feature to create some amazing community sites. We also built avatarbook, to show how that information can be seen and connected to social web sites like Facebook Β© (login to the “avatar book” application at where you can search for MaxisLuc’s profile page)

And there’s more to come! We are looking forward to seeing you back in the game and having fun with us again!


Luc Barthelet,


3 thoughts on “The Amnesty Program

  1. First of all Im sure I am not the only one but I didnt recieve any kind of notification about TSO going to EA Land or anything remotely close to all this. I dont play TSO like I used to, however I have subscribed to TSO for over 5 years. There was a lot of issues that caused many of the old timers like myself to leave TSO, but I kept my account active all this time.
    How I found out about this was i was chatting with friends in another online community and one guy said did you hear about TSO? and gave a link. So when I tried to sign in of course i was using the old software and it didnt go anywhere. After searching feavorishly through pages of EA.Com and not finding anything there i typed in The Sims Online on Google and this EA Land came up and i read that page and found out some of what I had questions about. I did get to get into EA Land today by creating a new avatar.
    What happened to all my simoleans? I worked very hard to get those and I go to money houses and skill houses and find them open and full but im standing around twiddling my thumbs wondering if my 5 year investment is down the tubes??
    Is there a site where EVERYONE can go and see a simple response to [im sure there are others] Simoleans? They were taken away so you have to buy them from EA.COM now
    Inventory? They were taken away so you can buy more with the 250 simoleans you have now
    If you were going to take everything away what is the purpose for coming back or continuing? I worked night and day missing work sometimes, not feeling well, meeting friends and having fun making it, crafting and more crafting and helping others out. All to be stolen by the EA police??? Some simple respones would be nice.

  2. EA Land is a new city. All the other legacy or production cities are now permanently offline until they get merged with EALand. When they get merged, you will get to keep your objects and lot. No simoleans are to be moved. If you reactivate your inactive account during the month of March, you will receive all your anniversary gifts, skill locks… . Since you’re account was always active, you will receive the gifts normally and you already received the first, second and third gifts. .. for more info u can reply back here or visit You can also meet the developers in-game in their lot: EA Town Hall in EA Land. Visit their blog at πŸ™‚

    I hope this helped πŸ˜€

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