Cyano Acrilyc: The new Bug-Fixing-Wizard!

The new wizard modeled by The Sims Resource (and found in their stores) is a class 5 ploymerizator! Meaning? If you put him out on your lot, he’ll get on his in-built telepathic telephone once you are offline and call the real repair wizard to come by as soon as possible to fix any broken objects found. This new fantastic creation would soon result in the elimination of any broken objects in EA-Land and Test Center 3, after having the developers working for hours in order to visit each house and make sure that any broken objects are to be fixed soon. “However, we do realize that an object here and there may still break on occassion, as you may have seen in the old cities.”

This new invention could be bought at “TSR Custom One” shop in EA-Land for as low as $150 simoleans.


2 thoughts on “Cyano Acrilyc: The new Bug-Fixing-Wizard!

  1. Hello I still have a broken bed …. all of the other broken items were fixed then the bed broke the next day LOL. but that is not my most serious issue
    I seem to be loosing ALOT of items I purchased 3 computers and 2 laptops when I returned to put them out they would disappear but reappear in my inventory Now they are all gone! This also happened with one of my roomies Pool Table and a computer that one of the roomies bought.
    What can I do?

    Also does anyone know why I cant add a 7th roomie?

  2. that seems awkward .. please visit and post these problems in the Technical Advice forum. As for the broken objects, you can place this new Cyano Acrilyc and they shall fix any broken objects you have on your lot asap. 🙂

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