Bug: Broken Items

EA Land and Test Center 3 are now facing an awkward bug that causes the objects to break (as shown left). This tricky bug has kept the developers to stay working on weekends. It has been announced on the TSO-E blog that they are planning to visit all those closed lots in Test Center 3 and fix any broken objects found. A message would be sent informing the people what they believe was fixed. Not to forget that any fixed objects would be brought back into the inventory of the owner (of the object). The developer team is planning to fix these objects in Test Center 3 first, however, if everything goes really well and they get to fix the objects in Test Center 3, they are to go to EA Land and fix any broken objects there too. Please remember that the developer team has never done anything like this before (as announced on the blog by Sarah), meaning that this would take a few days, if not more, so please be patient. The picture available above only shows an example of the broken objects in EA Land.


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