Upload that Sculpture!

cc house pic1This game is improving weekly, with almost new features and updates every Wednesday, staying dedicated and hard working. Lately, the developers have enabled users to upload new sculptures. This has been published with a warning to the community of not uploading copy-righted content, specially the work of other people. If any copy-righted material have been uploaded, it would not be accepted and your money would go as a waste … therefore, beware.

These new sculptures would add a lot to the game, giving the community another method to express their imagination and talents. People are now more able to decorate their houses in different styles and themes. Moreover, new businesses (shops) could start operating selling only decorative items or custom content, the same as our own lot in EA-Land: T’s Custom Shop.

Uploading sculptures is just another step into a world of customized objects, filled with new ideas, creativity and a wide imagination, which makes this game even more fun that it already is. The imagination and creativity of this community is endless, proving that by the massive collection of different chairs and signs, where users have used them cleverly to produce, such as, cars (by Thrill), bear chairs, mushroom chairs, fire chairs, tree chairs and lot logos & names, and much more… . Therefore, we all can’t wait to see what the community would come up with these uploaded sculptures (an example has been shown above).

In order to be able to upload sculptures to the game using the workbench in service lots, please place all the files (sculptures) you want to upload in the current folder…
“My Documents > EA Games > EA-Land > Uploads > Sculptures”

We will be providing several posts every now and then to show you many creative custom uploads out there.


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