EA-Land launched!

Can this get more exciting? Well, we dont think so! The dramatic changes that we were looking forward to in years is finally happening! EA-Land opened its gates on exactly 2:18pm EST on the 18th of January, a day we will never forget. The new city will soon include all cities merged with it. These cities include the production cities, Dragon’s Cove and Betaville. To any new players, the production cities are: Blazing Falls, Alphaville, Interhogan, Dan’s Grove, Calvin’s Creek, Jolly Pines, East Jerome, Fancy Fields and Mount Fuji. It’s worth noting that Test Center and Test Center 3 won’t be merged with the rest of the cities since they will be only used for testing purposes (new features, codes…), as the name applies.

A surprise that we all felt happy about is the availability of many EA houses on an island (Isle EA) to help existing and new players around. The houses are: EA Town Hall, EA Store, EA slow skill, EA Roach Motel and EA Simolean Hut. However, these houses will soon be closed after the first few days of EA-Land, leaving only the EA Store.

According to Lee in EA Town Hall, this is the official and permanent release of EA Land and that is if nothing goes terribly wrong. Moreover, he admitted that EA Land is currently full of bugs that will be fixed soon, as the game still needs a lot of work.

As for the merge, it is more likely to take place in a week or two, ending up with 1 sim from EA Land, 3 from other cities and 4 from Betaville. Furthermore, Lee commented that the developers are not yet sure of which cities are going to get merged first where EA Land came second on the first day after Alphaville with about 169 sims online in the first 15 minutes. However, a few days later, the list has been published (shown below).

In the future, the ATM machine would be activated in EA Land (it is already in-game but not active), new objects would be introduced, plans to improve skilling, portals and owning more than 1 house per sim will be implemented.

Finally, to all of you who are wondering why the game is called EA Land … apparently (according to Lee), the name EA Land was kicked a long time ago as in a land of EA games.


The above picture is taken in the new EA Town Hall of MaxisLee answering a variety of questions from different people just a few minutes after the opening of EA Land.

Its worth noting that EA Land currently looks like Test Center 3 with nothing exactly new, however, its the start of something outstanding.

The order of the cities getting merged:

  1. East Jerome
  2. Dan’s Grove
  3. Calvin’s Creek
  4. Alphaville
  5. Dragon’s Cove
  6. Interhogan 
  7. Fancey Fields
  8. Jolly Pines
  9. Blazing Falls
  10. Mount Fuji
  11. Betaville 


4 thoughts on “EA-Land launched!

  1. I don’t know how to get into ea land,some of my friends are & my daughter but for some reason mine isn’t downloading or something.This sounds interesting.Do we lose our homes ,clothes & inventory?Many people are asking that.Thankyou.

  2. When the merge happens, i guess you keep everything except your money. If you choose to move your sim into ea-land before the merge, you will loose your property & money.

    Many people are finding problems to enter to ea-land, including me, at many times. You can visit the technical advice forum in sims stratics for help from the developers 😀

  3. The Free version you cant even make money so why play? you can only join welcome lots and thats it if you find any open, good luck on that.

    i give EA the most Stupid Award. Cheers!

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