New year sounds promising!

A new year and new promises are being given by the developers for new features and more game development in 2008.  Such features include, new export tool for 3D Studio Max enabling new 3D objects to be created for the game. Moreover, the developers are working on enabling scripts in-game which will allow users to add programs and scripts to objects, making more complex objects with time. These features will improve week by week as Luc mentioned on his blog.

More improvement includes fixing the lag problems, introduction of ATM machines which Sarah and Laurent are currently working on and are having a great progress and fixing many bugs related to custom chairs.

More good news – we will be able to upload custom sculptures to the game in the near future and shockingly, cheats might also be enabled in the game, cheats such as “Rosebud”.  (yes, which gives money!).

Furthermore, the new team member, Vishwa, is currently working on “Edit a Sim” interface which is expected to take a few weeks which will dramatically change the appearance of avatars in the game.

Finally, more development will take place on web services, such as AvatarBook, allowing users to interact with their friends while not in game. Noting that AvatarBook is currently available on Facebook. Also, custom content is more likely to become more complex enabling user to use it on different objects.

The year 2008  seems full of exciting development for the game so make sure to contribute with all your ideas, suggestions and testing. Please dont forget to recommend the game to other people as free basic membership is introduced to the game.


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