Upload your chairs now!!

Luc has announced on the official blog on the 13th of December that the doors were open to the upload of sims 1 chairs by using the crafting tables in service lots. He also recommended the usage of the transmogrifier to make your own chairs. Not to forget that In a blog in the near future, I will provide a tool for 3D artists to make their own completely new chairs!

Please note that to upload custom chairs, you need to make a new folder in the EA Games folder in My documents (just like what you did for the images), and name the file “Chairs” next to the “images” folder you already created.
The location of the folder is more likely to be…
“My Documents > EA Games > EA-Land > Uploads > Chairs”

Many people are concerned of the need to re-install sims 1 and its expansion packs in order to be able to create and recolor chairs. However, all sims 1 objects are going to be provided in TSO/EA-Land soon, according to the statement of one of the developers in the Community Pub at Test Center 3.

For more help about how to make chairs and upload them, please make sure to check the following tutorial on the Wiki and the EA-Land Tutorials site by thrill.

Enjoy all the new chairs in the game, and remember to be creative 😉


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